Hi Don:

You make a lot of good points.

For perspective, remember the uproar when Sony bought Columbia/CBS Records. 
All sorts of tales of doom of this American Cultural Treasure going into 
Japanese hands. Then Matsushita bought MCA and there were the same cries to 
a lesser extent. Well, Matsushita took a bath on the music biz and sold MCA 
after never making money from it. Sony, as I understand it, has never made 
the kind of money they thought they would from CBS Records. But, I would 
argue they have been a heck of a better steward of the legends they own vs. 
how the Tisch group treated the TV network. Sony/BMG has one of the most 
aggressive if not the most aggressive reissue program for material in their 
vaults, either by releasing themselves or licensing to companies like 
Mosaic. For instance, a healthy stream of vintage Columbia and RCA jazz is 
coming back into issue in excellent remastering and packaging via Mosaic's 
Singles series.

So, I wouldn't say EMI stands any better or worse chance of falling down the 
rabbit hole. All of the music companies are unhealthy and all of them have 
to deal with the downfall of CD-based releasing and distribution. I would 
bet tales of a total demise are about as inaccurate as the current crop of 
tales of the demise of all newspapers.

-- Tom Fine

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Hello All,

As an employee of EMI, and an active participant in this list, let me
help clear the air about the article posted. Everything stated here will
be my own personal opinion, and I will not disclose anything that isn't
publicly known.

On first reading the article, I was a bit touched at how the writer
noted the dust that seems to have already accumulated on such a
historical UK music company but then as I finished the article I thought
"Wait a second, I'm still here, reading this in my office, which hasn't
been closed".

Was I somehow drawn into the writer's fantastic story a bit to much?

Then I took a second to scan some of Lebrecht's other articles at:

Here I noted that in Feb 2000, he's also descriptively wrote about the
demise of Libraries, in almost the same touching way as he did with EMI.
But wait, that was over 7 years ago and surely there are still libraries
in existence?? Some on the list still work in these libraries.

After reading about 10-15 articles from Lebrecht's, I've realized that
he does what writers do, they write stories to intrigue and captivate.

There are truth's and fact peppered about in his article, but at the
same time there's some writer's inference.

Overtly publicly known facts:
EMI has accepted an offer made by Terra Firma.

Lesser publicly known facts:
There is still about 3 months of details that need to be completed
before they take possession the company.

Obscurely publicly known facts:
During this time, other offers may be submitted, and a variety of things
may slow up the deal.

The author's highly speculative opinion:
If Terra Firma assumes possession of the company, they will piece it out
and shutter EMI completely.

In short, there are many possibilities in EMI's future, but
unfortunately the author has dressed the bleakest one elegantly in all

Don Andes
Director of Archives
EMI Music

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