Hi Bob:

If that's the case, then isn't the music business going to keep shrinking for quite a while? Back 
when the album was a "luxury item," wasn't the business much smaller -- and weren't those luxury 
items produced and marketed by people who knew music as opposed to lawyers and accountants?

I must say I am not as optimistic as you seem that any vestige of a "music business" will exist in 
another decade. I just hope some phoney dot-bomb doesn't end up with somebody's archives, which then 
get lost or sold for pennies to a game publisher or the like when the dot-bomb blows up.

-- Tom Fine

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> From Matt Sohn: It's all gonna go on the net. Be there now...
> According to the same "experts," it was all supposed to go away and be
> replaced by television in 1950 along with radio and the movies. What I think
> the album is really doing is resuming its traditional role as a luxury
> product sold at a luxury price.
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