There is a lot more bad vinyl transfer crap out there than you'd ever think. A lot of it originates 
in the Orient, China and Korea. It seems to be semi-legal, because it can be bought on eBay. Most of 
the Everest jazz stuff reissued by a company either owned or distributed by Universal is obviously 
bad vinyl transfers.

Then there are cases like Ray Barretto's Fania albums. There's a guy on eBay who sells vinyl 
reproductions made who knows where from what may or may not be real-deal safeties or masters. 
Recently, some of the Fania albums were reissued on a label again owned or distributed by Universal. 
The remastering for the CD is so terrible that the reproduction LPs sound vastly superior. I'm 
talking a deaf mastering "engineer" -- digi-swishies all over the place from over-aggressive noise 
reduction and quashed dynamic range (which just makes the swishies worse).

It's unbelievable what bad quality gets peddled sometimes.

To end on a happier note, the Analogue Productions SACD reissues of the Creedence Clearwater Revival 
albums are superb. Even the CD layer is better than any other reissue, at least to my ears. Also, I 
have to give major kudos to BMG's continuing commitment to the RCA Living Stereo reissues. The 
SACD's are vastly superior to the 1990's CD reissues, even the CD layer.

-- Tom Fine

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> Even before that..I bought new pressings of all the Lenny Bruce Fantasy LPs in the 70s and a 
> couple of them had several layers of echo and pre-echo. New transfers from bad tapes.
> There were some weird things in the early CD days. I remember the CBC purchasing what appeared to 
> be an authorized CD reissue of the "Zorba the Greek" soundtrack. It was dubbed from noisy vinyl 
> and all the tracks ran together.
> dl
> Tom Fine wrote:
>> This is already the case for more than a few jazz albums and spoken word recordings. The tapes 
>> were either 1.5 feet in the grave when they were transferred in the 80's or were subsequently 
>> lost.
>> -- Tom Fine
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>>> Some important recordings may only survive as poor quality digital
>>> transfers made in the 80s or early 90s.
>>> Regards
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>>> Don Cox
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