Hi, Steve!  Sorry I couldn't be there this year.  Jane's mastectomy took precedent,  She's coming along fine, but is taking chemo.  Ugh.
Anyway, your pix look swell.  Only, AOL gives me letterbox, one-half screen, not full screen.  So, to see the captions, I can't see the faces, and vice versa.
Is there any possibility that you could burn a CD-R of these pictures and send it to me?  I'd sure appreciate it.
Keep well!  

Best wishes,
Don (Chichester)
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Hi All!
I'm posting this on a few boards and listserves so you may get it a few  
times - Just delete if you got it before - as I didn't want to miss anyone who  
might be surprised to see their photo (if they were at the Conference) or those  

who couldn't come. And for my non-phono friends - you'll definitely love the  
last part. This Mansion is unlike ANY place in the world.
I warn you it's long - it took me hours to had even the short captions. But  
I wanted to document as much as I could.
I've set it up as a slide show and you can adjust the speed in the upper  
right hand corner.
I did have a small rearrangement problem so there are three shots from the  
Morning at San Fillippo which you'll see near the end - just before the record  
store I found on Sunday morning.
I think I captured the conference pretty well and will bring memories to  
those who could attend.
Here is the URL:  _ ( 
Steve Ramm

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