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From Roger Kulp: 
*There may never again,be anything new to come along to completely
revitalize or revolutionize the industry,in the manner rock and roll did,in
1955,or rap/hip-hop  did at the end of the 70s.Barring this,the industry is
just coasting on past glories.

I must agree that far too many in our industry are coasting on past glories.

What I strongly suspect created the opening for rock and roll was the major
labels abandoning everything but movie stars coupled with Madison Avenue
abandoning radio for television in the early '50s. I don't see much future
in the Internet for music because, despite appearances, it's really
controlled by Wall Street and Madison Avenue. To me, the internet is a lot
like a shopping mall. It's easy to forget that there's always a landlord who
has their hand out to collect just as much as the market will tolerate.

If history means anything, I'd look first to "obsolete technology" for
musical innovation because that's where real creative freedom lives. 

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