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> Great  photos from everybody. I'm glad to see at least the Board got the
> Rachel  Ray tour of Milwaukee restaurants and History Detectives tour of
> Wisconsin.  I hope at least some people made it to one of the Milwaukee
> Brewers winning  baseball games that week or to the Ziggy Marley show at
> the Riverside  Theatre, or got to sample Milwaukee beers that don't say
> Miller on then  (Sprecher, Lakefront Brewery, etc.) or to one of the many
> Belgium beer  bars.  I would have suggested some local music, but none of
> my  favorite roots- rock-surf bands were playing that week.( The Exotics,
> Paul  Cebar, The Uptown Savages, Bleed, The Nelsonics )
> Hey Bob. I'm the one who pushed for Maders. You'll notice I went TWICE.
> When I was out for the Board Meeting in October I stayed longer and got to
> the Miller Tour, the Harley Tour and even a ride out to Cedarburg. The only
> think I wanted to re-do but couldn't was to go to Oscar's Custard Stand (the
> Culver one in Mall was not the same). (Also still have my sausages from
> Islingers!).
> As for Baseball. I hope you read Cary's report. He and a group went to the
> Brewers on Friday night. And I would liked to have seen Utah Phillips at the
> Pabst on Tuesday.
> There was so much to do and so little time.
One hopes that the attendees, at the very least, sampled some of Milwaukee's
beer ("What made Milwaukee famous...") in one or more of the local imbiberies
(apprently and iirc, there is a beer joint in every block...?!) as well as the
great German/Polish food available in the city...!

Things to do whilst in Milwaukee:
1) Visit antique/flea markets (Cedarburg is one, Mukwanago another...)! NYRL
discs used to abound in the district...

2) Drop in on at least one "local"...! There may still be a few which
offer live polka-band music on week-end evenings...

3) Have a German/Polish meal! I forget the name of the famous German
restaurant, but I do recall it as being both affordable and offering
great food!

3.1) Drop by my brother Chris's abode at 8711 West Schlinger (just
across the line in West Allis) and tell him "Clyde" sez hello...

Steven C. Barr