On 15 maj 2007, at 02.52, Tom Fine wrote:

> Here's a thought. One of the largest collections of music metadata  
> is Gracenote and also cddb. And, like everything else out
> there that is a non-paid "communal" effort, it's chock full to the  
> brim of errors and judgement calls that are sometimes right

I concur with this. It is also a problem when you get several  
"version", some with spelling errors and the like.  This is one thing  
I am trying to develop out with my project. It won't be a CDDB/ 
Gracenote but hopefully the information will be a)accurate and b)peer  
reviewable/editable.  I am just worried what happens when two experts  
collide though.   Nothing to "show" yet but hopefully in the not too  
distant future when the developer gets it into an alpha/data entry  

Rgds, Darren

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