This could well be true. Audio-only entertainment is a recent and short-lived thing. And basically, 
its demise began the day TV broadcasting began. But, then, why are what used to be called "the 
record companies" so stupid about not changing their business to meet demand. MTV hit the cable 
waves nearly 30 years ago now. Surely the few "music guys" left in these mega-glomerates saw the 
inevitable. You read audio-recording mags today and you see the biggest growth area is ringtones and 
gaming sound. Music is just wallpaper for busy lives for younger folks. A CD is a relic and yet 
that's what these companies still base their business on. It's crazy to me. There are so many ways 
to leverage the iconic and copyrighted sounds they own in their vaults, but they all keep most of 
their total vault locked up and keep gambling on talentless hacks tied to the whims of Wal-Mart's 
buyer. It's insane. It wouldn't matter if so much cultural heritage wasn't tied up in those vaults. 
It's there because there WAS a time when audio-only entertainment was huge and some of the finest 
talent and resources in western culture went to its furtherment. That time is long passed, 
unfortunately. I put on a great jazz CD and I feel a bit like a archaeologist. I'm glad my tastes 
tend to when this stuff was very culturally relevant because I haven't liked nor felt the need for 
practically any new-issue music for more than a decade now.

-- Tom Fine

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Could it be that the world is simply tiring form audio only simulation?

I mean really, not that I hope this is the case, but really, cars
equipped with DVD players, VIDEO iPod, elevators  and taxi's with
"moving image billboards" and news feeds. I'm not talking about a
distant George Jetson future, I'm talking about present day, average joe

Not to mention that our kids playing video game simulations that rival
what the government uses for training military personnel.

I love Audio, as I'm sure most of us do here, but Audio's realist place
in today's culture may be other than where WE all hope it to be, or what
it once was.

The same could be said for linear moving image, as more interactive
technology emerges from the internet and video game markets, what will
the become of TV?

Sad but true???

Don Andes
EMI Music

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On 01/05/07, Tom Fine wrote:

> Amazon has some very aggressive pricing right now on some SACD titles.
> Especially some the BMG/RCA titles. Big in-general classical sale
> right now, too. Wonder if this is clearing out classical overstock
> that can't be sold in now-closed Tower stores. Good buying opportunity

> as some titles may go out of print.
> -- Tom Fine
> PS -- cannot post here due to copyrights but interesting story last
> week in Wall St. Journal about how 1/4+ of CD sales now through
> big-box stores and those retailers demands for quick turnover hampers
> any attempts at variety. Then CD sales keep slumping due to overpriced

> and boring product, and it becomes self-perpetuating as Best Buy and
> Wal-Mart are reportedly cutting floor space for CD's. Not a good time
> to be in the music biz.

Practically all the small companies now sell direct over the web.

Don Cox
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