On 3 maj 2007, at 04.43, Steven C. Barr(x) wrote:
> First...most "common market" countries have standardized the copyright
> term on sound recordings at 50 years (although I've never done a  
> country-
> by-country survey...). Needless to say, RIAA is NOT happy with this  
> and
> are doing everything they can to change it.
When I took some advice a while back it seemed that England was more  
in the miniority but it is a pain when even theso called industry  
regulators don't get off their backsides and reply to inquiries. But  
they scream about piracy and the like.  Some seem too busy chasing  
after taxi drivers playing "music entertainment" to their customers!

> Second...technically, I'm not supposed to sell my reissue CD(-R)'s in
> the US...although, as I understand it, it is the purchaser(s) who are
You won't be rushing to ITUNES MUSIC STORE then and its equivalents  
as a venue to sell your wares :)


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