EMOR lists numerous versions on pre-ww2 78s.


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Re: [ARSCLIST] Assistance Please with Russian Waltz

Uncle Dave told you that this waltz dates from 1903-1905 and became 
in Russia during the war with Japan.  You have nominated someone with a 
similar name who couldm't have composed it until the '40s.  That's not 

I would put my money on Steve Smolian and suggest that Dave Lewis should 
find a copy of Danube waves and listen to it.


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Lajos Kiss was Hungarian, it seems. I would think it more likely this 

Kuss, Margarita Ivanova, 1921-

The first initial is the same, and she is on OCLC
with a couple of scores and a recording of songs. But no waltzes.


At 02:56 PM 5/21/2007, Steven Smolian wrote:
>It's probably Lajos Kiss.  Danube Waves?
>Steve Smolian
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>I am having an awful time trying to nail down the author of a Russian 
>title transliterated as "Amurskiye volnī" but translated variously as 
>of the Amur River Waltz" or "Amur's Waves - Waltz" and almost anything in
>It is often identified as "Russian Traditional," but the composer's first
>initial is "M." and the last name variously given as "Kuss," "Cuess,"
>"Guess," - in cyrillic it is "Kiocc."
>What I'd like to find is a standardized spelling of the composer's name, 
>full surname and birth/death dates if possible. I understand that this is 
>very popular waltz in Russia, and it emerged during the Russo-Japanese 
>one site provided the lyrics and dated the work to "1903-05," but alas,
>provided no composer name.
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>  It made my day.
>  Karl
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