Thanks David for the completely out of context mis-quote. These are the
exact type of things that keep outsiders non-privy to insider knowledge
and comment.

My reference was specifically to Lebrecht's article which embellished a
single possible future scenario for EMI, which I saw as the bleakest
(and highly unlikely) of all possible futures.

However, I've learned my lesson, and will no longer post anything
relating to the dealings of my company, even if its in regard to
publicly known information.

Carry on with your second hand gossip.

Don Andes
EMI Music

P.S. The least you could of done was to reply to my complete post, which
mentioned the author/article I was referring to.

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> The author's highly speculative opinion:
> If Terra Firma assumes possession of the company, they will piece it 
> out and shutter EMI completely.

So everybody be on the lookout for a dog and gramophone painting on

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