I use photoshow 5.  You can download it for a free trial.  It has music,
captions, frames and more.


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Well, I tried to capture as much as I could with my new digital camera and
think I did a pretty good job. I'm still playing with the best way to share.

Yahoo doesn't let you bulk upload. AOL did a nice job of that and adding  
captions but not easy to rearrange. Can anyone recommend a good photo  
hosting/sharing service which has bulk upload and rearrangement features?
I should have the slide show ready soon.
Also, I don't think anyone posted the other news which is that this year  
ARSC is offering MOST of the papers presented (only a few which had  "audio

rights" issues) on CD-ROM - some with the POwerpoints. In past years you
buy one paper for $10. This year you can get the WHOLE conference for
 It will probably be multi-disc. Patrick Feaster will be the compiler and it

should be great way to compensate for those who couldn't make it.
More later.
And, as Always, Cary's report was GREAT!
Steve Ramm

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