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Hi All! Sorry for all this grief!
I have a number of email accounts. I use one for 78_l, one for ARSClist and

one for everything else.
I uploaded my photos FAST with AOl and pout them on my main account.   then 
sent myself the slide show and provided the URL. 
Generally you should be able to EMAIL photos from AOL to anyone and they  
don't need to sign in. But I screwed up.  I would normally just email to
ARSC list but the phoptos are loaded on a different screen name. I will TRY
send to ARSClist and hope it goes through. I don't want to up load them
with this screen name but I will if needed. (They just won't have
I did look at flkr (which is replacing Yahoo Photos) but you can't   bulk 
upload. And Stutterfly limits you to 200 photos. And Besides it said with
DSL it 
would take 3 hours! (AOL did in 5 minutes).
So.. bear with me here. I'm going to try again and I'll see if it comes  
through. If you are really in a hurry to see them send me an email at (substitute the @ for AT) and I'll send the slide  show.
And I never want anyone to sign on to AOL to see them. AOL makes it free  
because - like the others - they'd like you to order prints.
So, thanks for your patience.

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