With the numerous threads relating to our massive archives problems, I thought this link
would be an interesting read... Picked it up from the digipres list:

For those that don't have the time, here is an interesting quote from that article:

"Current estimates are that in 2006, 161 billion trillion bytes -- 161 exabytes -- of
digital data were generated in the world -- equivalent to 12 stacks of books reaching from
the Earth to the sun. In just 15 minutes, the world produces an amount of data equal to
all the information held at the Library of Congress. While it is unrealistic to think that
we will be able to preserve all the data produced solely in digital form, NDIIPP convenes
top experts to help decide which at-risk content is most critical and how to go about
saving it."

Puts things in perspective doesn't it?

Good reading...

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