Greetings!  We're warming up the DC area in honor of ALA Annual in a few weeks.  We have temps in the 80s and plenty of sunshine.  The A/C makes our work lives more comfortable. 
Here's a reminder that if you submit your stats report for BIBCO and your stats report for CONSER by June 7, we'll try to run our stats on June 8 or soon thereafter.   Please observe a moratorium on reporting from June 8 - 14.  Below are the codes and dates of some reports we already have.  The number at the end is an internal id marker, and not a quantity indicator.
Sorry for the delay in posting the Midyear stats.  We hope to post them soon.  Thanks for your help.  See you in a few weeks!  Carolyn
Carolyn Sturtevant
BIBCO Coordinator
Library of Congress
202-252-2082 fax
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agl208228 30-May-2007 06:28 164

buf208234 30-May-2007 14:45 131

clu08219 24-May-2007 00:06 132

cui08224 25-May-2007 14:47 131

dlc08218 11-May-2007 08:05 140

fug208223 25-May-2007 08:18 165

 gpo208230 30-May-2007 09:55 165

hnk08226 27-May-2007 23:16 130

icu208221 24-May-2007 11:35 132

ixa08227 29-May-2007 10:17 136

lnt08220 24-May-2007 11:14 162

nlm208225 27-May-2007 14:40 166

pit08232 30-May-2007 11:32 130

rbn08222 25-May-2007 07:46 129

sbh08233 30-May-2007 14:44 129

slu08231 30-May-2007 09:57 129

slu208229 30-May-2007 09:53 159