Call for Comments on BIBCO Documentation

As the members of the BIBCO Training Materials Revision Group begin the
task of revising the BIBCO Training Manual (4th revised edition, 2004)
and the BIBCO Participants' Manual (2002), we would like to make a call
for comments from the BIBCO community about needed document revisions. 

There are several areas for review and revision that we have identified
as of mid-April, but the ones selected for this first phase of the
project are:

-- Update the BIBCO Training Manual and the BIBCO Participants' Manual
to correct errors and to include changes in cataloging rules, policies,
and practices.  One of the major areas concerns LC's 2006 decision on
series treatment practice.

-- Remove references to RLIN and RLG.

-- Consider advantages and disadvantages of a different format and
structure of the BIBCO Training Manual, e.g., assess the visual design,
the use of PowerPoint, the feasibility of a web-based format which
includes links, and so on.

At this time, we would like to hear comments from you about the current
Training Manual and Participants' Manual.  For example: What content is
out of date?  What is unclear? What is lacking? What should be removed?
Which examples do you particularly like or dislike; do you have others
which you prefer?  Have you developed a better way to explain a concept
or practice?  Where does the physical layout help or hinder the
presentation of the content?  What do you like about the current
documents, and what do you dislike, and do you have suggestions for

Any and all comments are welcome from trainers, catalogers, managers,
instructors, and students.  In the spirit of our cooperative community,
we want to involve everyone with an interest in BIBCO and let your
voices be heard.
The BIBCO Participants' Manual is online at:
The BIBCO Training Manual is an online document protected by a password because it is designed to be used in the context of PCC training events.  BIBCO member institutions and interested parties may request passwords from  Carolyn Sturtevant ([log in to unmask]).

Please send your comments by email to Iris Wolley ([log in to unmask])  by Aug. 15, 2007.


BIBCO Training Materials Revision Group members:

Magda El-Sherbini, Ohio State University
Rebecca R. Malek-Wiley, Tulane University
Caroline R. Miller, University of California, Los Angeles
Louise Ratliff, University of California, Los Angeles
Carolyn Sturtevant, Library of Congress
Iris Wolley, Columbia University