At the University of Illinios, we have taken a slightly different 
tack than many other institutions.  We have been developing a 
tool we call 'Archon' which is a web-based management system for 
descriptive information and associated digitial objects. 
Information is stored in a MySQL or SQL Server database, and 
accessed via a PHP 5.0 application.  The system outputs valid EAD 
and MARC records, and also builds a searchable, browseable 
website.  It comes with some defined tools for importing MARC And 
EAD files, as well as other structured data, such as CSV files.

Version 1.11 is the currently available stable release. We will 
be releasing version 1.5 of this software at or around July 1.

Version 1.5 will include multilingual support and several other 
new features, such as improved import tools and a user 
registration and request system, so that a user can identify 
particlar collections, boxes, folders, or items in which he/she 
is interested, then email the list to the archives or store it in 
a 'basket'.  The program is free to download and use for 
non-commerical purposes.

More information is available at

Chris Prom
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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>> Subject: Technology behind finding aids
>> Hi All,
>> I'm working on a project to implement EAD at the State
>> Library of Victoria in Australia. I was wondering if anyone
>> has a few moments to give me a quick rundown about what
>> technology they are using  for the storage and presentation
>> of your  finding aids?
>> eg. Do you use a database, if so which one?
>> What do you use to index, transform, display?
>> Is it all linked to your Library Catalogue software if you
>> are a library?
>> I have found some websites that have this info, but may be
>> missing ones also.
>> I realise this is a fairly complex area, but a few pointers
>> would be appreciated! If there is any documentation people
>> can send, that would be great too.
>> Please send to [log in to unmask]
>> Thanks,
>> Susan
>> Susan Millard
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