Hi all,

Here at Yale we are gearing up for replacing our finding aids 
database and the question of EAD tag searching has come up.  Our 
current database offers no field searching options, so we're starting 
fresh in that regard and may or may not choose to provide any such 
options.  In the past I've seen shops that have focused on allowing 
users to search certain sections of finding aids - say <bioghist> or 
<scopecontent> - and others that have focused on enabling searches of 
access point elements - such as <persname>, <subject>, etc.  All 
options are potentially on the table.

In your experience, what EAD-element specific searches are useful to 
your users?  Are there any fields that are particularly useful to the 
good folks who do public services?  I have my own thoughts on the 
subject, but I very much want to hear some different perspectives.


Mike Rush

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