Hi All,
I'm working on a project to implement EAD at the State Library of Victoria
in Australia. I was wondering if anyone has a few moments to give me a
quick rundown about what technology they are using  for the storage and
presentation of your  finding aids?
eg. Do you use a database, if so which one?
What do you use to index, transform, display?
Is it all linked to your Library Catalogue software if you are a library?

I have found some websites that have this info, but may be missing ones

I realise this is a fairly complex area, but a few pointers would be
appreciated! If there is any documentation people can send, that would be
great too.

Please send to [log in to unmask]


Susan Millard
Project Manager
slv21 EAD Project
State Library of Victoria,
328 Swanston Street,
Ph: ( 61 3) 8664 7055
E-mail:  [log in to unmask]