> Also, when the person has done a search for a word or phrase, that
> word or phrase is highlighted in the search results list (though not
> when they go to the full finding aid itself, haven't figured out a
> way to do that yet).

We also would like to do this!  Or have a way to get the person into the 
section of the finding aid that has the search term in it.  Online 
Archive of California does this, I think.

We have just developed a very hierarchical style sheet to display our 
finding aids - it's in the testing phase right now.  While it's nice for 
browsing very large collections as it breaks up the amount of data your 
browser has to download on a single page, I am doubting the usefulness 
of this, since it actually makes it more difficult for someone looking 
for a specific term to browse the finding aid to locate the term. We 
still also have the long, complete version, and I can see myself using 
that more frequently than the new, improved, version.


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