Hi everyone,


I need some statistics for a report about EAD that we are preparing for
our Board, and would like to know roughly how many archival institutions
in Illinois have implemented EAD.  So, if you're in Illinois and use
EAD, could you please e-mail me at [log in to unmask] and let me know? does not
include all Illinois EAD implementors.  


(Sorry if you receive this multiple times - I may post this question to
the Archives & Archivists listserv, Chicago Area Archivists listserv,
and the AAHLS-L.)








Felicia A. Reilly, MALS


The Wood Library-Museum of Anesthesiology

American Society of Anesthesiologists

520 N. Northwest Highway

Park Ridge, IL  60068

847-825-5586, Ext. 121

Fax:  847-825-1692

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