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Hi All,

I'm working on a project to implement EAD at the State Library of Victoria in Australia. I was wondering if anyone has a few moments to give me a

quick rundown about what technology they are using  for the storage and presentation of your  finding aids?


[Plato Smith] We have an EAD publishing process of using our original EAD Finding Aids site to view, edit, and double-check (checked by certified archivist) EAD Finding Aids before ingesting them into our new site which is DigiTool 3.0 Digital Content Management System


1.    Original site uses Drupal with a MySQL database and PHP scripting language (developed by former Web Development Librarian)

2.    New site uses an Oracle 9i backend database with JBoss/Java API/CGI and RSS/CSS for display

3.    The presentation of EAD Finding Aids are displayed in HTML, PDF, and raw XML.

4.    Software used: NoteTab Light (free), XML Spy (but there are many XML editors to select and do not advocate one over the other – totally based on your needs/uses/future expectations)


eg. Do you use a database, if so which one?


[Plato Smith] Drupal (MySql & PHP) for original site and Oracle 9i database for new site (proprietary and bundled with DigiTool)


What do you use to index, transform, display?


[Plato Smith]

1.    Index: Old site does not index and the new site uses a GUI search box, OCR of PDFs, and all search terms found anywhere in our collections including EAD finding aids/collection.

2.    Transform: use Note Tab Light text editor to create EAD XML files and XML Spy/Apache FOP via XSL stylesheets to render HTML and PDF versions

3.    Our publishing is not optimal and will be streamlined/enhanced in the future


Is it all linked to your Library Catalogue software if you are a library?


[Plato Smith] EXCELLENT question! We are in the process of developing the workflow to have all EAD Finding Aids from the new site in OPAC. We must coordinate with our Cataloging Department. This workflow will require collaboration between Digital Library Center, Special Collections, and Cataloging departments… “Communication is key”.


I have found some websites that have this info, but may be missing ones also.


I realise this is a fairly complex area, but a few pointers would be appreciated! If there is any documentation people can send, that would be

great too.


[Plato Smith]  You may want to visit Univ. Minn. Libraries website for additional ideas


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[Plato Smith] Hope this helps and contact me anytime.



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