Here at the University of Denver the introductory cataloging and classification course will be required of every MLIS student beginning in Fall 2007. Alumni and students proposed this curricular change to the LIS faculty, who acted favorably after thoughtful deliberation, market study of entry level professional librarian positions, and content analysis of cataloger positions. 

Students take a foundations course that includes basic concepts for the organization of knowledge, metadata schema, classification schemes, and the relationships among these concepts as they impact searching and retrieving data, information, and documents. They must complete this foundation course before enrolling in the cataloging and classification course. These two courses are the gateway for the new Resource Description and Access (RDA) concentration of five cataloging and metadata courses.     

Over the last year we worked to assemble a full array of software programs that support the RDA concentration. Students will use Cataloger's Desktop (which includes AACR2r), Classification Web, OCLC, WebDewey, and two ILS packages. The instructors will select a textbook along with the documentation for MARC21 and the software packages. We incorporate RDA and DACS concenpts into three courses: foundations, beginning cataloging and classification, and metadata architecture.

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Date: Thursday, May 3, 2007 11:40 am
Subject: Teaching Cataloging and Classification - AACR2?

> Hi Everyone,
> I've not taught beginning cataloging and classification for almost 
> a year, 
> and I'm slated to teach again this summer. I wonder if instructors 
> are 
> still requiring students to purchase AACR2. Also, how are RDA and 
> other 
> developments being incorporated into introductory courses? In the 
> past, 
> I've only touched briefly on RDA...
> Thank you!!
> Jennifer Lang