I require that students have access to AACR2r--they don't have to buy it,
just be able to use it.  I require my students to do original cataloging on
MARC workforms as a term long project.   They really do need to have AACR2
to complete the descriptive portion of the assignment.  

I just touch on RDA and FRBR as something that is coming.  Students have too
much to learn to deal with the way we are doing things today to try to
incorporate how we might do things in the future.  It will be several years
before RDA will be implemented so I just take things a step at a time and
hope I don't completely overwhelm those just entering the profession.  If
you would like, email me privately and I can send you a copy of my syllabus.

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Subject: Teaching Cataloging and Classification - AACR2?

Hi Everyone,

I've not taught beginning cataloging and classification for almost a year, 
and I'm slated to teach again this summer. I wonder if instructors are 
still requiring students to purchase AACR2. Also, how are RDA and other 
developments being incorporated into introductory courses? In the past, 
I've only touched briefly on RDA...

Thank you!!

Jennifer Lang