I saw the day and the time for the meeting in your post. Do you have the location yet?

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>Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 15:12:59 -0400
>From: Shawne Miksa <[log in to unmask]>  
>Subject: "Informing the Future of MARC: an empirical approach"  
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>Did you know that catalogers use only 10-20% of available MARC
>fields/subfields? Given evolving search behaviors and the amazoogle effects
>do our bibliographic records provide information users need?  
>The MARC Content Designation Utilization (MCDU) project team would like to
>invite you to "Informing the Future of MARC: An Empirical Approach", a panel
>presentation at the ALA 2007 Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. The
>session will take place on Saturday, June 23rd, 8am-10am.   
>This is an ALCTS sponsored event and will feature Dr. William E. Moen,
>Associate Professor and Dr. Shawne D. Miksa, Assistant Professor, from the
>School of Library and Information Sciences, University of North Texas and
>Sally H. McCallum, Chief, Network Development and MARC Standards Office,
>Library of Congress. 
>This program presents findings from a major IMLS-funded research study on
>catalogers’ use of MARC ( ) and an opportunity to
>discuss future directions for MARC and cataloging practices in the context
>of FRBR, RDA, and XML. The results of this study provide a much needed
>empirical basis to better inform MARC’s future in the bibliographic control
>environment. The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) is an
>independent Federal agency dedicated to creating and sustaining a nation of
>learners by helping libraries and museums serve their communities.