speaking of teaching RDA, I forward this in case any of you are not on
the RDA list - this seems to me to be *major* news!

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I posted this to my blog, but here's a summary:

As a result of a meeting
<>at the British
Library on April 30 and May 1, it has been announced
<> that RDA and
Dublin Core communities will work together in the following ways:

    * develop a formal RDA Element vocabulary (probably following the DC
      Abstract Model)
    * develop an application profile of RDA for Dublin Core using FRBR
      and FRAD
    * use RDF and SKOS to disclose RDA vocabularies

For more, see If you suspect that this is an
April Fool's, here's the official announcement:

This is truly an amazing development, and I think it begins a new phase
in our profession. I have to thank everyone who worked hard to make this
happen, and I will "pre-thank" those who will be part of the development
phase that takes us into a new world of actionable metadata.

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