Launch your cataloging skills to new heights this summer with OCLC CAPCON. We are currently offering several courses that focus on the more challenging nuances of cataloging various media, using Connexion Client, Serials Holdings and more, to help you achieve your goals. By utilizing various tips, tricks and tools presented in these workshops, you’ll be able to overcome nearly any real-world cataloging quandary.


Register today for one—or all of the following courses:


Cataloging Nonbook Materials

June 7 - Anne Arundel Public Library West County Branch


Introduction to Connexion Client

June 15 - Anne Arundel Public Library West County Branch


Serials Holdings Workshop

June 13-14 - OCLC CAPCON


Union Listing with Connexion

July 17 - Online Live Meeting


Book Blitz III

July 26-27 – OCLC CAPCON


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