Recently there was a question on OCLC-CAT about the use of --Juvenile
drama.  The answer was found in SCM H 2230:


a. Fiction films. Assign the following headings, as appropriate, to
individual fiction films:


*   Topical headings with the subdivision -Drama (or, in the case of
juvenile fiction films, the subdivision -Juvenile films). 



and H 1690:


5. Juvenile films and sound recordings.


a. General. Use the subdivisions -Juvenile films and -Juvenile sound
recordings for either fictional or factual treatment of a topic. For
fictional films, use Children's films as an additional heading.


There is also H 1780 and that point I got really confused.  Why
--Juvenile films and not --Juvenile drama?  Why would --Drama and
--Juvenile drama mean different things, other than intellectual level?
Why would any subject heading/subdivision cover fiction and nonfiction?




John Lavalie