Please excuse the duplication.

Dear all,

Please check the Jacques Legrands in your catalogs. I have created a new
NAR for the French Mongolist. He wasn't represented by any of the
existing NARs. 

New heading (no2007060955):
Legrand, Jacques, $d 1946-

Most of his works have been entered under NAR n 89668965 (no dates) but
he is not the author of the work in the 670. 

It is possible that NARs n 89668965 & n 79093933 (, $d 1940-) represent
the same person but I don't think so. NAR n 89668965 seems to represent
someone who is also a publisher.

Wayne Richter
Asian Materials Specialist/PCC Liaison
The Libraries
Western Washington University
Bellingham, WA 98225-9103