I have revised the record metadata proposal:
- This references a new record metadata schema, called "rmd".  We decided during this discussion that "rec" was a misleading name, so I renamed it.  It can be based on rec or rewritten. We'll discuss this among the Ed. Board.
- This page describes both how to retrieve record metadata the "conventional" way, and by extension, as we discussed.  The "conventional" discussion is included for completeness.
- Two extensions are defined. One is the simple extension with no parameter value that assumes the default schema (rmd) and the second allows a schema name to be supplied.   This is a compromise, as it is clear that there are two postions on this and that the advocates on both sides are pretty well dug in. In any case there is a  justification supplied for two extension ("Reason for two extentions") which I think makes a compelling argument.