On 10/06/07, Don Tait wrote:

>  I hope this comes through coherently. I still have difficulties
> posting things to ARSC, so please be charitable everyone if this is a
> mess.
>  I want to comment about Tom Fine's mention that Arkivmusic's
> reissues of Everest recordings have been remastered. I very recently
> bought three of them (all Stokowski). Each is almost painfully shrill.
> I had to turn the treble on my pre-amp all the way down, and even with
> that I could get only a hint of the genuine Stokowski sound (I heard
> it live) or a semblance of the rich violin tone I get from early
> pressings of the Everest LPs. I don't think this will do.
>  The Arkiv. reissues don't say they had been remastered; there are no
> program notes except a bare insert. Yes, this is a good reissue
> program. But they must do a better job than what I've spent my money
> on here. I'll buy no more.
My impression is that Arkiv are selling straight copies of out of print
CDs. So if the original CD was a transfer made back in the 80s, and
perhaps badly engineered then, that is what you will get.

It would not be possible to make new transfers from studio master tapes
at the prices and sales figures involved. 

I generally avoid transfers from analog tapes to CD made before 1995, if

Don Cox
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