This is what our Conservation department suggested:

Hi Marcos,

I am not sure of the size of the storage area requiring environmental 
monitoring, but can recommend 2 systems.

1. The Preservation Environmental Monitor by Image Permanence Institute 
(better known as a PEM) records temperature and humidity data onto a 
SRAM card. The data can then be transferred to a computer and read 
through IPI's Climate Notebook software. It can be moved about easily 
and is relatively low maintenance in its use. Here is a link for more 

2. Hanwell radiologgers transmit environmental data through radio 
signals, so environmental readings can be read in real time off of a 
computer. The set up requires a contractor to install the system as it 
involves finding fixed locations from which the radiologgers and 
receivers can transmit information. Hanwell's system removes the step of 
having to collect the data from a station, however, the radiologgers 
require battery changes about 2-3 times a year. Here is a link for 
further investigation:

Both systems are quite different and have positive and negative sides 
depending on space and location(s) being monitored, I would be happy to 
discuss them further should you need.
I hope that this helps.

Andy Lanset wrote:
> Hello friends,
> Thanks for you input on Laughing Records.  I've got another
> query.
> Is there a temperature/humidity datalogger/monitor anyone can recommend 
> with
> for their controlled storage area(s).
> Thanks.
> Andy Lanset
> WNYC Radio

Marcos Sueiro Bal
Audio/Moving Image Project Archivist
Preservation Division
Columbia University Libraries