You might want to have the individual contact Nathan Brown. Nate has, as I recall, a fairly complete set of the Paray/Detroit broadcasts. I believe Nate's copies came from the masters.

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I am forwarding a forwarded request. Apologies for cross-posting.


Greetings, one and all:

A colleague at the Library of Congress wonders if anyone can
with the question below? I gather the person who asked him this
wishes to locate the master tape in order to reissue it.

My immediate thought is that if the tape has announcements
it was
probably recorded off the air, at home, by an amateur, and that
finding that master tape will probably be like looking for a
needle in a haystack--and that's if he's lucky.

Thanks for any light anyone can shed.

The date: December 9, 1959.

The place: The General Assembly Hall of the United Nations, New
York City, New York.

The performers: Jascha Heifetz, violin, Detroit Symphony
Orchestra, Paul Paray, conductor.

The piece: Beethoven Violin Concerto, op. 61, D major

The occasion: part of the festivities for Human Rights Day,
which is December 10.

The situation: someone has a tape of this performance (complete
with announcer) and is wondering whether there is a master, and
if there is, who might have it. The gentleman has been asked to
contact UN Multimedia and the Detroit SO.

Don't know whether the tape the gentleman has is taken from a
broadcast or a copy of another tape.


Marcos Sueiro Bal
Audio/Moving Image Project Archivist
Columbia University Libraries