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I'll have to admit to total ignorance of any 3" Decca records! Have you tried
playing it, or even establishing the groove width? I have several 3" toy
which seem to have been associated (and playable) with a specific machine...!

The smallest playable record of which I am aware was a publicly-available
later version of a 2-1/2" HMV disc made specifically for a miniature machine
made for a "Royal doll-house which was presented to the princesses (Elizabeth
and Margaret) by HMV in the late twenties. The publicly-available copy came
with a playable disc, 2.5 inches in diameter (of which copies were sold...!).

Steven C. Barr

I'm not going to try and play it until I know more about it.  It does seem to be a true recording, not just a mock-up.   I don't have the equipment to measure groove width.

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