The Archivistsí Toolkit Project Team is pleased 
to announce the release of the second version of 
Archivistsí Toolkit 1.1 beta (v. 1.0.18).

This version corrects three issues present in the previous 1.1 beta:

∑         Upgrading from 1.0 to the current 
version.  The bug that prevented upgrade from the 
1.0 version to the 1.1 beta has been fixed.  Both 
the 1.0 and the previous 1.1 beta (v. 1.0.15) can 
be upgraded to the current 1.1 beta (v. 1.0.18).

∑         Unexpected and unpredictable loss of 
component records (see ART-883 at 
for a recounting of this bug)

∑         Inability for users to report bugs 
through the AT application.  The project team has 
developed middleware to transmit bug reports from 
the AT to the bug report application.

AT 1.1 beta (v. 1.0.18) can be downloaded from 

The AT 1.1 beta sandbox will be upgraded to work 
with the new AT 1.1 beta (v.1.0.18).  Users 
employing v. 1.0.15 to access the new sandbox 
will need to upgrade to v.1.0.18.

Directions for accessing the 1.1 beta sandbox are 
located on the AT website at 
So too are suggestions for anyone interested in 
systematically testing the application or parts of it.

Bradley D. Westbrook
Metadata Librarian and Digital Archivist
UCSD Libraries 0175-K
UC, San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0175

Phone:  858-822-0612
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