Dear EAD colleagues,


I hope that this is an appropriate message for this list, but here at The European Library ( we are about to start a project that I think will be of particular interest to EAD enthusiasts…


The European Library, based in the National Library of the Netherlands in The Hague, is about to start working on cross-domain collaboration between Museums, Archives, Audio-visual Archives and Libraries, to create the European Digital Library.  The interoperability of metadata, plays a central role to the success of this initiative.  This initiative, called EDLnet, is a Thematic Network run under the European Commission’s eContent Plus Programme. More information about the EDLnet Thematic Network is available at:  


Of particular interest to EAD colleagues is the role of the Interoperability Manager. Amongst their tasks will be coordinating the interoperability between Libraries, Museums and Archives metadata – where we anticipate – for the archives sector - EAD will be a central player.  More details about this post: and the other posts available are available on The European Library website:


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Sally Chambers

The European Library Office

The National Library of the Netherlands