We've been struggling with the same dilemma for a couple of years.  We
still use the diacritics so that the names are spelled correctly, and
have used the character entities/Unicode for the xml encoding.  We've
wondered how others are handling this as well.  We've wondered if both
forms of the name should be represented in the finding aid in order for

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For those of you who are offering web-based searching of your EAD
finding aids by title or author, how are you handling special characters
in the title, subtitle, or originator (for example, the French accented
e, or German umlauted u) ?  Are you encoding those special characters in
the EAD finding aid using character entities?  If so, does it cause any
problems with indexing or searching, given that most researchers will
not have the special characters in their search string (for example,
they'll likely just use an e without the accent) ?


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