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There is a long-accepted (and not changed in age of technology) ratio used in law libraries that there should be a ratio of one professional librarian to every 21 other professionals in the organization.  Interestingly,  I believe that the IT community adopted this same standard about 12 years ago.
I think the only current standards that might be worth checking relate to accreditation standards for various professional academic degree programs.  In law there are two,  American Bar Association and Association of American Law Schools.  I am rather sure there are similar accreditors for business, engineering, medical schools  (and hospital libraries!!=JCAHO??)etc...  
Hope this will give you some guidance and some authority upon which to draw.
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I am searching for any information on Federal Library Standards or Guidelines for Federal Government Libraries.  Specifically, Iím looking for guidance on library staffing levels, budget, etc. for government agencies as it relates to the number of employees.  Is there any literature on this?


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