The U.S. Air Force Academy Hospital Medical Library (not the Cadet academic library) is closing its doors.  I've attached the first of many documents listing my collection that is available to federal libraries.  These lists include everything, but my journals.  The journals lists will be posted in a week or two. 
The hospital is not willing to fund the shipping costs and I can not accept ANY reimbursement.  I believe that I can fund small shipments without too much notice, but any large requests with multiple boxes will need to be funded by the requesting library.  
This means that once you identify the materials you wish to acquire and have communicated this to me, you will need to schedule the pick-up with UPS or FEDEX.  The UPS or FEDEX driver will come to my library with the shipping labels for the boxes & pick them up.  The bill for the shipment will then go to the requesting library. 
FEDEX has the simplest procedure.  The requesting library schedules a pickup with FEDEX from my library, the driver arrives with the shipping labels for the boxes, and then the boxes are picked up. The bill for the shipping is sent to the requesting library.  No weight, dimensions, or quantity of boxes is needed when scheduling the pickup.
UPS can do the same thing except that when the pickup is scheduled, the requesting library will need to provide the quantity, dimensions, & weight of the boxes.  I can provide all, but the weight at this point.  I don't even have a bathroom scale to use. Also having to measure each box for dimensions is an extra hassle. 
Here's hoping that this all makes sense!  If not, give me a holler.
Carole Olds, MLS
Medical Librarian
U.S Air Force Academy Hospital
4102 Pinion Dr., Suite 2008
USAF Academy, CO 80840
Phone: 719-333-5107
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