Well, yes, this is more what I'm angling at, I guess (and more
diplomatically, thanks Ryan).

Perhaps, rather than worry about a perfect mapping, we should focus on
a practical mapping between the two.

There are quite a few indexes that the bib context set opens up that
are useful, especially in the context of OpenURL resolving (volume,
issue, etc. come to mind, atitle/jtitle as well - but these I see as a
quite a bit trickier).

On 6/13/07, Scherle, Ryan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> But one of the reasons for creating the bib context set was to avoid a
> lot of specialized context sets like this.

The only problem I have with this logic is that:
In many of the same places that SRU is trying to be implemented, we
are also trying to implement OpenURL, so why can't we make that
process as painless as can be?

I understand abstracting this, certainly, but at some point
concessions need to made to the communities that actually want to use