At 5:25 AM -0700 7/26/07, Karl Miller wrote:

>you don't make any money unless your record company keeps your 
>recording in print.

an artist (author, etc). should simply include a "Right Of Reversion" 
clause, so that if something is out of print, then all rights revert 
to the originating author.  the initial reaction from the people you 
might deal with is "no", but if you insist they simply show it to 
their lawyers, then the lawyers will recognize the properness of it 
and approve it.  (from experience, not theoretical).

reversion could come because of it being out of print, the company 
going bankrupt (and they can't use your materials as assets, they 
would actually like to have less assets at that point), non-payment 
of royalties for xx days and so forth.

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