On 28/07/07, Roderic G Stephens wrote:

>> In modern recordings, a muted trumpet has a waveform
>> which is exactly
>> the same as a series of clicks on vinyl. I had to
>> give up trying to
>> clean up a Buck Clayton album for this reason.
>> (Fortunately Mosaic
>> released it in one of their luxury boxes later.)
> I have not found Cool Edit to touch muted trumpets,
> although I'd like to know what recording we're talking
> about, so I could try it.

The particular one I had trouble with was "Songs for Swingers" by a
small jazz group led by Buck Clayton. A Columbia recording from the late

For a long time it was not released on CD, but you can now get it in a
Mosaic collection called "Columbia Small Group Swing Sessions 1953-62".
Not cheap.

Don Cox
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