On 06/07/07, G. W. Ulrich Sieveking wrote:

> There has been a discussion about sales figures of high resolution 
> digital media on this list recently, so here are at least the figures 
> for Germany for 2006 as compiled by the German branch of IFPI (all 
> numbers are millions, the complete report can be seen here: 
> CD 149.5
> MC 5.8
> LP 0.6
> SACD & DVD-A 0.2
> So there obviously is a reason to keep the number of SACDs sold
> secret...

I think BMG said they had sold about a million of the Living Stereo
series all told so far. Sorry, I can't reember where I read that.

Maybe if they made the slightest attempt to market the SACD, it might
sell a bit better. 99% of potential customers have never heard of it.

The other problem is that only well recorded content really benefits. 

Don Cox
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