the basic premise of over-the-air broadcast is a business plan 
utilizing commercials.

that's how it's 'free', and available. that's how they pay their 
royalites (meager they are).  in europe, the same, but the royalties 
are considerably better, and as i understand, not only for the 
artist, but the songwriter as well.

the same premise can and will and does work for internet radio. 
either you listen to commercials, or pay a subscription fee.

the problem comes when people want to put a playlist up and stream 
it, without commercials, and not pay royalties.  these people simply 
do not have a right to do so.    if they had an air radio station, 
they couldn't pay the power bill, nor the royalties, so their 
business plan was not self-supporting.

eventually, there will be free net radio of public domain materials, 
or of material with permission, and there will be pay-for net radio 
with stuff which requires proper payment to the creative parties 
involved.  of course this is already happening, but not to the degree 
it will in the near future.   same for visual media (i.e., video). 
in fact, it will most likely extend to a paid-for  subscription and 
also have commercials (such as your cable or satellite TV, or your 
satellite radio).

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