From: Patent Tactics, George Brock-Nannestad

Hello All,

it is my pleasure to have found the official announcement (well, it was 
actually made public in May at the AES Convention in Vienna, Austria) of the 
crowning of an effort that has taken several years:


AES Standards provides a rare opportunity to calibrate playback
equipment for 78 rpm coarse-groove records. Recognizing an international
need for calibration tools, the AES Standards Working Group on Transfer
Technologies (SC-03-02) initiated a project to calibration playback
equipment for coarse-groove 78 rpm records. The result is now available
as a boxed set of two identical 12-inch vinyl discs, catalogue number
AES-S001-064. The two discs allow one to be used as a day-to-day working
tool while the other may be stored as a master reference.

For more information or to purchase this set please go to:

It contains a re-issue from an original negative of a 1950s coarse groove 
test record to the IEC standard (leased from EMI) as well as a freshly cut 78 
rpm test record. The supplies are limited, but as we all know, once the 
metalwork is in order more batches may be pressed up. AES has borne the 
investment of administrative time, printing and boxing, and the work has been 
pro bono - as usual in archive circles.

The sale of the records is extremely influenced by the use of steel needles 
in your soundbox: the more you use them, the more test records you will need, 
because the surfaces are ruined at an extreme rate. This is good for sales.

Kind regards,