If this disk is somewhat akin to the later EvaTone Soundsheet, I've had very good luck playing those 
by placing them on top of a non-valued LP record. Another trick I've had success with is taping down 
the squared corners with regular old Scotch tape, so the disk lays flatter. This is not necessary 
all the time. I have dozens of EvaTone Soundsheets and have been able to transfer all of them with 
usually very good results.

-- Tom Fine

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A suggestion, most modern turntables are not flat enough for these
discs, place a piece of board or cardboard similar in size and shape of
the disc with a hole in it to create a flat surface. You might need a
small piece of tape on the back (if one sided) or near the edge if
cardboard surface is too slippery.

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Dear Barbara Need,

If the disc is translucent green vinyl, it may be a Soundscriber
disc. These were 33.3 rpm microgroove, so you should try to play it
as if it were an LP. Pray that it hasn't warped; if it has, you may
need to send it to someone with excellent equipment and much experience.

Sincerely, Richard

At 02:59 PM 7/17/2007, you wrote:
>I have been asked to get a digital transfer from what I believe to
>be a "Flexi disc" (thin green plastic /vinyl disc with a square
>hole). The only complication is that, as far as I can tell, these
>were LPs and, therefore, no earlier than 1948. The date on the disc,
>however, is '43. We have an osmium stylus (which we use for
>78s)  and a diamond stylus (which we use for LPs). What stylus
>should I use for playback? (And if you have recommendations for
>adding to my stylus supply, I would welcome that as well, though I
>may not be able to do anything about it just yet.)
>Barbara Need