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> I can envision good-ol'-boys racing down dirt country roads in souped-up 
> stock cars, running from the fuzz, banjos playing in the background.  
> Maybe George Jones could re-write "White Lightnin'" to include 
> "RIAA-men" with the G-men, T-men and revenuers. 
>'ve watched too much TV and seen too many movies...!

All that sort of stuff went on a few hundred miles south of Illinois...
where one could buy factory-made alcoholic beverages, thus eliminating
any neccessity for the "home-made" stuff!

All we did in the way of anti-social/illegal activity was (if you weren't
quite 21 and thus couldn't legally drink in beer joints)...was to get 
someone "of age" (often me...) to buy a case or two of cold beer, and
then set out on the (mostly blacktopped by then) "back roads" for our
under-age "road drinking!"

The odd thing is that a number of my schoolmates were killed in one-car
accidents on those back roads late at night...but we never made the
connection between our drinking style and our "deathstyle"...!

Steven C. Barr