Dismuke writes: "While the above is accurate IT DROPS CONTEXT AND

Not at all, you are missing the point. Anybody can negotiate a totally appropriate deal with SoundExchange. That's EXACTLY what they are there to do. They have had seperate rates for small webcasters, public radio and large webcasters all along and there has been no indication they have any plans to put any webcasters out of business. 

This is NOT the same thing as the statuatory rate which is an absolute cap on what SoundExchange will be allowed to charge the largest, most profitable webcaster over the next five years. If some webcaster turns into a multibillion dollar business, a lower statuatory rate would prevent artists from sharing in it fairly. This definiotion of "fair" was determined by an arbitration process that, if you read the panel's findings, was clearly not at all one sided.

Yes, SoundExcahnge theoretically could force all webcasters to pay the statuatory rate but why on Earth would they want to do something that stupid?

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