Alex Hartoff wrote On July 18, 2007 10:29 AM

> May I suggest you take this discussion elsewhere?
> It has NOTHING to do with sound restoration or archiving or anything  
> remotely related.

Tim Brooks devotes time to writing a regular column in the ARSC
Journal on copyright as it relates to historic sound recordings.

We would not be having this discussion of SoundExchange, 78s 
and SaveNetRadio if it weren't for these copyright issues.

Copyright falls under the larger umbrella of access.  It can be argued
that access is essential to preservation - I certainly believe this to
be the case.

Broadcasting (terrestial or internet) falls squarely into the domains 
of copyright and access and hence is a highly germane topic for the 

> The "signal to noise" ratio on this list is deteriorating badly.  If  
> everyone came with their pet peeve here, there would be few readers  
> left after a while.

This particular discussion has become especially personal and 
passionate among some list members, and without question has lowered 
the signal-to-noise ratio.  Nonetheless, I tolerate the noise because
it's passion and personal efforts that preserve our cultural heritage
in the form of recorded sound, and it's the heated debates on this list
that can help members find common ground (or just agree to disagree).
At the very least, these debates can help crystallize understanding
of issues from both a personal and technical perspective, even if the 
issues cannot be resolved in this forum.

And thank goodness for Outlook filters and the delete button!

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