This is a fishing expedition. In case there are any 1/4-track duped reel classical collectors 
on-list ...

In the 2-tape "Sleeping Beauty" by Ansermet/OSR on Decca/Ampex Tapes, just to confirm, is tape 1 
Acts I and II and tape 2 Acts III and IV (one act per side)? I was given tapes with no boxes nor 
original reels. It would make perfect sense to have it set up the way I described but I just want to 
make sure that tapes weren't done like LPs were done in the era of record-changers (ie side 1/side 
4, side 2/side 3).

I'm hoping someone has this actual tape set. If so, I'd greatly appreciate a scan or photocopy of 
the box or reel labels.

Thanks in advance if you can help.

-- Tom Fine